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HYA( Humaid Yousuf Advocates)

HYA( Humaid Yousuf Advocates) & legal consultant as an acclaimed law firm in UAE since 2017. Another level up a generation of lawyers ( contriving/ fixing/ staging) legal services to the (aspects/ interests) of our clients. We offer a versatile, passionate and experienced group of lawyers and legal consultants to knock out all the legal tensions. Knowledge is the essence of immense power, Legal knowledge is our key strength which originates from National and international studies. Hence, we assure the quality of services and the best possible advice to be given to our clients for astounding results and soul satisfaction.
Although our practices are designed to provide impactful and cost-effective legal solutions that end up meeting the desires of our clients.
Our firm is equipped with highly qualified, experienced and specialized advocates and legal consult ants particularly in banking, company / commercial, insurance matters which includes our skilled UAE courts administrative team which deals with all affairs before the courts and relevant authorities in the UAE.
We understand that the primary task of a lawyer is to provide excellent legal services based on his qualifications, comprehension and experience. Each lawyer undertakes every task carefully and en thusiastically which service is based on the maxim that it is of paramount importance to protect the rights and safeguard the interests of our client.
Each member of our team is qualified, professional and fully committed to providing our clients with accurate, thorough, cost-effective and result-oriented advice and updates. Our prerequisite is to help our clients to grow and compete in their chosen market with our expert guidance.
We are confident and equipped with a complete knowledge of national and international common laws, regulations and usages applicable to our home jurisdiction and beyond. Within the UAE we regularly confer and keep ourselves updated with government ministries and departments of any new changes, additions, amendments that are made to any area of the UAE laws. /div>
We have a team of lawyers and legal consultants who are endowed with excellent qualifications, ex pertise, long standing in civil, commercial transactions, insurance matters, banking and company law from all aspects, in order to fully secure the rights and interest of the client's business. /div>
In addition, we have an excellent team of paralegals who are assigned to file and follow up cases in courts regularly and keep clients updated with the current status of their matters and to provide them with the regular weekly and monthly details of their cases. Our team is at all times primed and ready for action enabling it to respond immediately whenever a client needs our advice and legal representation

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